TOWN TALK / 1か月限定の週1寄稿コラム

【#4】On clothing / 服について


I have spent a lot of time thinking about clothes. 
I think about how and why they are made, bought and sold. 


I live in a part of Tokyo that has very many vintage clothing stores and I have noticed that certain stores sell clothes that have been bought and sold many times.


These clothes have a certain value that prevents them being consigned to landfill.


Part of my work involves producing clothes, and I try despite the demands of commercial fashion to make things that have a life after trends.


I’ve tried to do this by making clothes that in my opinion are too interesting to simply throw away. I make them interesting by using craft technique in production and by referencing cultural movements such as Mingei or Rasta in their design.


By this means I hope to make my products sustainable to some degree.


I’m happy to say that I now see examples of the things I produced more than ten years ago being resold online and in vintage consignment shops.


Here are a few recent examples of clothes that I think will have a long life regardless of fashion trends.


Ainu embroidery down filled liner coat,2019
Made by Rocky Mountain Feather Bed.
Embroidered by Ainu craftswoman Erika.

アイヌ刺繍ダウンライナーコート 2019年
Rocky Mountain Feather Bed製刺繍 アイヌ工芸作家 エリカ

Indigo Dashiki shirt made and dyed by Takarajima Senkou, 2019
インディゴダシキシャツ 制作・染め 宝島染工 2019年

Nylon MA1 flight jacket with kite patch painted by Kagawa Yuzen craftsmen.2013
MA1 フライトジャケット 加賀友禅職人により描かれた連凧パッチ 東洋エンタープライズ 2013年

Rastafairisle vest made by Jamieson of Shetland, 2020.
ラスタフェアアイル ベスト Jamieson’s of Shetland 2020年

Mino cardigan by Jamieson of Shetland, 2021.
簔(みの)カーディガン Jamiesom’s of Shetland 2021年



BEAMS〈fennica〉のディレクター。1986年より、BEAMSのロンドンオフィスとして海外ブランドのバイイングを担当。1994年に〈BEAMS MODERN LIVING〉を立ち上げ、北欧のファニチャーや柳宗理の名品バタフライスツールを展開。2003年からは、“デザインとクラフトの橋渡し”をテーマにしたレーベル〈fennica〉をスタートし、オリジナルのウエアや日本を中心とした伝統的な手仕事と、世界各地から集められた新旧デザインを融合するスタイル を提案している。


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