Re: view/Vol.1 Yuki Kikuchi


photo & text: Yuki Kikuchi
translation: Bowen Casey

Re: view

Soundtrack of memories
I want to have people who love music look back on their memories of a certain album and record the significance of everything they find.

■Name: Yuki Kikuchi
■Occupation: Writer, Photographer
■Date of birth: November 6, 1990
■Where you live: Tokyo, Los Angels
■What does music give you? : What I wrote in my manuscript

Album:『This Old Dog』- Mac DeMarco

Re: view

There are memories that have always stuck with me because of particular pieces of music that were playing at particular moments. In 2017, when I was a photographer on Mac DeMarco’s US tour, I met a group of kids at one of the shows who said they had just started middle school. They found themselves a spot right in front of the stage and were shouting and laughing and hugging each other the whole time, making the glorious spectacle that is Mac’s show shine that much brighter.

Watching them from the stage filled me with so many emotions that I immediately pointed my camera at them and, without caring about how little film I had left, I kept clicking the shutter as if I was possessed. Fast forward four years and those kids would have to be in high school now. Maybe they ended up going to different schools and just remember that group as a childhood memory. Some of them might not be into Mac DeMarco anymore. Of course, I have no idea. But I myself have friends I can no longer meet and places I can no longer see ―things that, at the time, I could never imagine would be taken away. It’s not that I want to resist change. I know it’s totally natural and how things go.

But acknowledging the transience of things makes me want to continue to cherish the music that was playing in the past― music that’s like a vacuum-sealed container holding everything I saw, felt, and smelled at certain moments, along with the faces of the people I was with.

With this project, called “Re: view,” I want to have artists’ look back on their memories of a certain album and record the significance of everything they find.

Text・Yuki Kikuchi


Re: view/Vol.1 Yuki Kikuchi

Yuki Kikuchi

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1990. Writer, photographer. Immersed in international music culture and documenting current scenes as they are through photos and text.