TOWN TALK / 1か月限定の週1寄稿コラム



translation & text: Maya-Aska
edit: Yu Kokubu

In this article, I would like to talk about EMUP Label (the order of these four letters are very important).

The owners of the label are Eshhh, Psor and Kolek: bedroom musicians and DJ’s with huge experience. Each of them has original taste in music.

From the time the guys have started doing music, they saved up so much unreleased stuff, unfinished sketches and ideas that they decided to create a place where they could finally let go of those. So that’s how EMUP Label was created.

Honestly, it seemed like the idea of creating a label wasn’t much serious and everything was on the verge of a joke. Psor once suggested idea: let’s create a music label with the name ‘Shutkiradi’ (it means ‘just for joke’) in which we will publish mad tracks which people will listen and think “Is it really a joke? Or was the author serious about it?” However, the other guys wanted to invest in the creation of the label seriously. Little by little, the purposes of the label were created, roles and responsibilities were distributed. They only had to look for the label’s name.

Psor: For the name, we wanted something capacious with a local tint. Kolek generated names like an AK-47 assault rifle. Suddenly he suggested the name EMUP. All of us immediately realized: that’s it, that’s what we are looking for.

Those who are not from Yekaterinburg will find it difficult to understand what the name stands for and why you must use it exactly in that order of letters. In Yekaterinburg all government structures which belong to city jurisdiction have the abbreviation EMUP: ‘Ekaterinburgskoe Municipalnoe Unitarnoe Predpriyatie’ (in English the order of the letters is different: ‘Municipal Unitary Enterprise of Yekaterinburg’). Such abbreviations have a lot of city structures: electricity companies, transport companies etc. For example: EMUP Gortrans, EMUP Metro, EMUP Vodokanal etc. So in this way, Psor, Eshhh and Kolek are the enterprise that produces music: EMUP Label. That’s the secret.

Eshhh: Initially, we thought that the music we would publish would be for ourselves. We thought that our music would not interest anyone except us. But then we received a lot of positive feedback and realized that it makes sense. Hence, we decided to produce a vinyl record and we sold all copies for a couple month. It was an unexpected success for us.

EMUP is a label that does not have any borders in terms of music genres: it can be ambient, house, bass music or experimental. Psor, Eshhh and Kolek are always trying to find something special for new releases. Something that  does not sound trivial, in which every second counts.

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