📲 WHAT’S UP GAMES Vol.1 / Guest: Mac DeMarco, Host: Yuki Kikuchi 


guest: Mac DeMarco
host: Yuki Kikuchi
video editor: Yuki Kikuchi, Ryoma Uchida
translator: Keina Yamamoto(video), Hikari Hakozaki(article)
content director: Yu Kokubu

Are you keeping in touch with your friends? Have you talked to your family recently? Have you called up your crush? 

This thing called pandemic is keeping us far apart from the ones we want to see the most.

I still don’t know whether I should go see them right now or wait until the pandemic is “over” somehow, but one thing I know is that I don’t like us getting used to not seeing each other.

The simplest yet the best solution to this problem, I think, is to just pick up the phone and call to say “Hey, what’s up?”.

You’ve been in quarantine for too long and feeling shy about talking to another human being? Then you can invite them to play a video game with you.

The video linked below shows two friends who haven’t seen each other in a while, playing Minecraft together while talking on the phone. They did a little interview along the way too.

The guest here is musician Mac DeMarco, hosted by writer Yuki Kikuchi.

If you’re at home watching this, sit back, relax, and you can take off your mask, too.

Have fun! ▶️▶️▶️▶️